Barefaced Beauty And Makeup Magic: Getting My Mum Face On.

We all know that there are young wans out there making a mint on YouTube from their beauty vlogging, and that teenagers spend every scrap of money they have on products, but when it comes to mum-beauty, there isn’t generally the time or the finances to indulge yourself that much.

Of course, if it’s a genuine passion the force is still probably strong in you post-baby, but if you’re anything like me the closest thing you’ve had to an epiphany is when BB Cream reached our shores.

I rarely go totally barefaced, but tend not to trowel it on that much either. I’m also not particularly brand-loyal. The MAC habit of my early twenties sadly fell by the wayside a long time ago, but I have a very soft spot for Benefit. I still read about beauty ( I really enjoy Sali Hughes’ writing in The Guardian) and lust after ‘must-haves’ but it’s more Catrice and less Charlotte Tilbury round these parts. Nothing satisfies me more than discovering a good posh beauty dupe from a cheaper brand. So when Sinéad from Bumbles of Rice suggested a mum blogger makeup linky where us humans that don’t get enough sleep divulge our beauty* secrets, I hopped straight on board. Continue reading