7 Things I Had Forgotten About Having A Small Baby

Baby Ivy

I treated this baby’s imminent arrival with a small amount of been there done that jadedness. There was barely anything I didn’t know because hadn’t I done it twice before? And it’s true; I’m not nervous and there’s been no shocks nearly four months in – but I had definitely suppressed the memory of these seven things that go along with having a new baby in the house.

 1. The Early Starts

We got lulled into a false sense of security for a couple of years pre-baby. The boys were big enough to get up and watch tv for a while on weekends before one us parents dragged ourselves out of bed at a civilised hour (which is about 830am fyi). Now, 3.5 months into new babyhood we’ve suddenly hit the early starts. She’s fallen into some sort of routine and it involves waking at 530am. And chatting loudly at that time. To coincide with this change I have purchased a cup holder for the buggy. It says ‘No Hot Liquids’ on the box. Listen up health and safety people; if you don’t let me put coffee in there, the only cold liquid going in will be a G&T. Continue reading

A piece of pear or plum is YUM!

Uh-oh. It’s Teething City round here, and I ain’t the mayor.  Dominic got his first 6 teeth quite early – before 7 months.  I never thought this teething lark was any big deal.  Until this week.  There’s fist chewing, rigid arched back, screaming, and of course food refusal.  The 7th tooth has popped up on the bottom but the nightly wake ups continue and I think I see a couple more about to come through on the top.  To add insult to injury, 10 days ago we went cold tofurkey with the soothers.  It wasn’t hugely difficult, and I’ve been a little torn as to whether he would have got some benefit from them during this tooth-growing binge.  Honestly I think it would have been a temporary relief at best, so I’m happy for them to remain gone now, long before we have to persuade Santa/Easter Bunny to take them from a willful 2 year old down the line.

I’m putting up this picture to remind myself and others out there faced with upturned noses and dishes that sometimes mealtimes are just good fun.  We were sharing a plum, and I said isn’t plum yum?  Then began a chant of A Piece, of Pear, or Plum is YUM! spitting out my P’s and shouting out YUM.  Hilarity ensued & fruit was eaten.

Then last night he point blank refused food.  He waves his hands, he shakes his head firmly, he empties the dish and swipes the food to the floor.  A tad dramatic considering I’m not going to try and force feed him anyway.  I was going to get something else, but M pointed out he’d probably just play with it and he didn’t seem interested in anything off our plates either.  An hour later off he went to bed with a 250ml bottle.  It’s just so much easier when you don’t stress about missed meals, and just remember the fun ones.