Netflix For Life: 11 Recommendations For Your Family

Netflix stream team

Is Netflix your bae? Ask any recently post-partum parent and you’ll get a knowing nod. Even more so if they have other older kids to take care of too. There’s a groove worn in one side of my sofa from the hours spent feeding my baby, and the text is wearing off a certain red button on my tv remote. I settle down with coffee, the baby and a muslin cloth and press it. The younger boy comes in from a morning in montessori and presses it. The older boy finishes his homework and presses it. The other half loads up the app while he makes the school lunches and I do the same folding laundry if someone small is asleep.

And when the last childs’ question has been answered for the night*, and the cat has settled on the back of the sofa without the fear of being hit by a Nerf bullet, we go in again.

(I mean, this isn’t each of us, everyday. We do do other things than watch tv like.)

So, safe to say we’re experts. Without further ado here are the Netflix shows lighting up our lives right now and in the near future.

Master of None.

I wrote about this last year and it’s back for Season 2 right now. We have watched the first 3 episodes and it is sublime. I cannot say enough good things about Aziz Ansari and his supporting cast, especially his real life mum and dad, who play his mum and dad in the show. And it makes me really really want to up sticks and live in Modena.

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Master of Netflix – I Heart Aziz Ansari


I’ve finished all the Suits episodes on Netflix. Woe is me. While I wait impatiently for the next season to appear I’ve started watching stand up specials while I make the kids lunches. I’m currently making my way through some based on a ‘Parks & Recreation Association‘ theme that I decided on once I watched Nick Offerman’s American Ham followed by Aziz Ansari’s Buried Alive. While I love Ron Swanson the character, and enjoyed Nick too, he is not down with vegetarians at all, so I don’t think we’d get on so well. Aziz on the other hand, coined the phrase “Treat yo’self” as the character Tom in Parks & Rec, and that I can get on board with. As well as having four stand up specials streaming, he is also starring in his own Netflix Original series Master of None. It. Is. Sublime.

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