Master of Netflix – I Heart Aziz Ansari


I’ve finished all the Suits episodes on Netflix. Woe is me. While I wait impatiently for the next season to appear I’ve started watching stand up specials while I make the kids lunches. I’m currently making my way through some based on a ‘Parks & Recreation Association‘ theme that I decided on once I watched Nick Offerman’s American Ham followed by Aziz Ansari’s Buried Alive. While I love Ron Swanson the character, and enjoyed Nick too, he is not down with vegetarians at all, so I don’t think we’d get on so well. Aziz on the other hand, coined the phrase “Treat yo’self” as the character Tom in Parks & Rec, and that I can get on board with. As well as having four stand up specials streaming, he is also starring in his own Netflix Original series Master of None. It. Is. Sublime.

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