It’s Not Perfect


It’s not perfect.

Not entirely dissatisfied with life.
Not entirely dissatisfied with life.

But there’s days that run smoothly with only a to-be-expected level of whining and hitting and tears. If you’re four and you’re asked to drop what you’re playing with and get in the car to pick up your brother then it’s okay to give out a little. And if the pirate ship that you painstakingly made out of eighteen pieces of Duplo breaks when you bring it in the car, well it’s fine to shed a few tears about that. I let those cries wash over me and placate any way I can in order to get things done. Continue reading

Two developments

*sits back with coffee* I’ve got this parenting lark licked. Giving up on baby led weaning in favour of big brother led feeding. My work here is done.

And the other bit of news is that we have a walker. This began several days ago but it was daddy’s eyes only for the first couple of days. I discovered the secret this morning…Will walk for food! (Specifically bagel & cream cheese)