Master of Netflix – I Heart Aziz Ansari


I’ve finished all the Suits episodes on Netflix. Woe is me. While I wait impatiently for the next season to appear I’ve started watching stand up specials while I make the kids lunches. I’m currently making my way through some based on a ‘Parks & Recreation Association‘ theme that I decided on once I watched Nick Offerman’s American Ham followed by Aziz Ansari’s Buried Alive. While I love Ron Swanson the character, and enjoyed Nick too, he is not down with vegetarians at all, so I don’t think we’d get on so well. Aziz on the other hand, coined the phrase “Treat yo’self” as the character Tom in Parks & Rec, and that I can get on board with. As well as having four stand up specials streaming, he is also starring in his own Netflix Original series Master of None. It. Is. Sublime.

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Our favourite babysitter

We have a babysitter. We know her well, she’s been available to us when we’ve needed her over the last couple of years and I’ve written about her before. Around the time I went back to work, we started to need her more and more. Someone had to look after the sometimes cranky tired kids before I get home and while him indoors gets dinner on. Or after he’s gotten them fed and bathed and he’s trying to give the kitchen a tidy and maybe sort out some laundry. I see them basking in her warm glow some evenings through the living room window as I lock up my bicycle.

Yes; we truly love her, and I don’t know where we’d be without her some days.  I mean, I wouldn’t usually even share a good minders name but in this case, there’s plenty of her to go round.
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Competition Time! Sona Giveaway And A Big Milestone


Properfud is five years old this month. Fancy that! I even got Dominic to recreate his pose from the very first post – he was pretty tickled by the sight of his baby-self. Originally started to chart how we got on with Baby Led Weaning (answer: magnificently) it’s evolved into a bit of everything to do with family food and life with the two mad lads I spawned.

To make sure my growing boys stay on track, Sona Nutrition sent us some lovely things to try out and I’ve got a great kid-friendly hamper of goodies to give to one of you too! Continue reading

Netflix – What we’re watching in June.

When I was about six, I woke up on Christmas morning to find a Minnie The Minx costume. Not like your 100% polyester supermarket ones now, this was hand knitted. By Mrs. Claus herself no less. (Someone wasn’t getting the credit she deserves).

Off I went to mass and everywhere else, in my black knitted mini, my black and red jumper, and a black headband with the word ‘minx’ knitted into it; just in case it wasn’t completely clear who I was in the Beano and Dandy mad eighties.

DennisTheMenaceI was an avid Beano fan and so was my Dad before me. While I made dinner the other evening the boys were happily flicking around their profile on Netflix. Suddenly, a familiar call rang out from the living room. No, not “mammy he’s hitting me”, but “Oi Gnasher, come back!”. I rushed in, to find yet another reboot of Dennis The Menace gracing the small screen, and my two little boys glued to it. I sat down to watch for a few minutes, delighted that they’d found it. Walter is no softy in this 2013 edition, but the sight of Dennis with his old-school catapult was enough to make me smile. It makes a change from the formulaic sweetness of Dora The Explorer and Go! Diego Go!, two of their other current favourites. And frankly, I prefer anything over Horrid Henry, the primary parental menace of our times. (I’ve banned him in our house.) Continue reading

 Hashtag vlogging!

IPBAwards 058
Moi, Sylda & Deb (pic courtesy of Olivia)

There was a proper knees up in Dublin last saturday night. And yes it is blog awards-300x300related because it was the Glenisk 2015 Irish Parenting Blogger Awards. I even got a blow-dry. It was that big a deal. The night itself was a gorgeous meal in one of Dublin’s finest brunch spots, Odessa, followed by the awards ceremony up on their roof terrace. Hot mommas and the odd partner was the order of the night as we all got dickied up and put our game faces on. Mind The Baby MC’ed the night, and organised the whole shebang with and a team of energetic multi skilled bloggers. (ie. not me)

We were all (quiz) winners. With Kate & Sinead (pic courtesy of Laura)

Proper Fud sadly didn’t make it past the long list, but the big advantage of that was I was able to fully enjoy the night with no nerves. I even won the House of Bloggers quiz, with 2 rides, I mean friends Sinead & Kate making up our team. Despite the competition being approximately a cumulative thirty years younger than us, our fastest fingers first and encyclopaedic blog knowledge netted me another years Netflix subscription. That should keep me in quality telly at least until Frank Underwood gets impeached or Piper Chapman gets parole.

There was some uh-mazing things in our party bags (as they must be called in my house); beauty goodies for tired mama faces, M&S vouchers (me), Mr. Price vouchers (earmarked for outdoor toys), Bear Yoyos, Glenisk vouchers, awesome personalised One4All cards and not forgetting glorious IPB aprons! But the piece de resistance for me was a Lottie doll courtesy of MyKidsTime.

The young fella in this house is a massive fan of those toy reveal videos on YouTube, so him and I thought the unveiling of Lottie the perfect chance for him to make his own little review video. And of course the other, younger fella got his voice heard too. We’re ain’t slick, but we sure did have fun: without further ado, it’s Dominic Tube!

I love Lottie, she’s a proper little girl shape, is age appropriate, wears relatable kids clothes and has won a tonne of awards. We might just have to buy her friend Finn too. As a special treat for friends-of-bloggers there is a full range of Lottie Dolls available on discount code IPBA2015 (valid until May 31st) for 10% off all Lottie Dolls and accessories.

All the well deserved winners are listed here, and include some of my personal favourites in there. Enjoy!