Achievable Romance in the Average House

Valentine feature-2

Valentine feature-2

There’ll be no dozen roses, or candlelit dinners and I’d be weirded out if there was; the little things that all add up to love are what count for me.

I’m pretty sure the kids like tangible treats so they’re getting ridiculous glasses and some Love Hearts sweets. In return I get adorbs artwork.

Forget hot air balloon rides with champagne; here is the official run down of things that happened this week that mean something between me and the fella I married.

  • He bought me tickets for my birthday to go see one of my favourite bands from my teens: Suede. I was into them at a time when he was all about Motörhead yet this week when the gig rolled round he sat beside me probably not embarrassed at my lyric-recall powers.
  • He made the school lunches on thursday night. That’s a bit pathetic that I count that in the romance column of our marriage ledger. I had made them the other four nights but it’s a task I dislike so much that any reprieve is noted.
  • Much as I love to watch Ireland play in the Six Nations, the enthusiasm doesn’t stretch to the Under 20’s on a friday night. I suggested we watch About Time on Netflix instead, and he did not protest one jot. It helps that Dumble Gleeson (go to 1:18) – who can do no wrong in our eyes – and Rachel McAdams (think he might fancy her a bit) star and that it’s from the reasonably reliable Richard Curtis school of nice-English-people-and-an-American-bumbling-about films. What? It’s a genre. Lets forget Love, Actually though. I hate Love, Actually). I cried unsurprisingly. I guess lots of people do but it’s got the dad-cancer trigger which is bound to set me off. Sorry. It’s not really a spoiler. Anyway, him indoors liked it.
konkan indian
  • He suggested we get Indian for dinner. That was no big sacrifice on his part but it’s my absolute favourite. I would happily bathe in Saag anything.
post run coffee
The best ten minutes.
  • I got up this morning and he was gathering swimming gear to bring both children to the pool. Lessons aren’t on this week, and he’s a member of a fancy place where the lads can go free but there’s no guest passes for wives. Oh no… So instead I got to go for a run and drink coffee in peace and eh, write this. Added bonus, that’s the children washed for the next week.
Not as sorry as I am

Incidentally, I had hoped for all my couch-hours this weekend to be spend under a giant Netflix Night In blanket like some of my parenting blogger colleagues (shout out to Sadhbh’s audacious use of her granny). Instead this is all I have. My blanket has been keeping the local delivery office cosy for three days now. I think. Maybe my postman is snuggled up under it eating popcorn and toblerone with the missus. If he is, I hope he gets the ride. It’s the weekend for it.


One little brown-eyed, brown-haired boy.

No More Drownings

One little brown-eyed, brown-haired boy sat on his bedroom floor this morning, playing with cars and transformers and Lego bricks. His life isn’t hard. No three year olds life should be hard. To understate it entirely, it’s a lucky accident of birth that my particular three year old is safe and warm in his bed tonight, living here in Ireland in comparative luxury.

His mama rushed to him last night cuddled him and kissed him. She had seen another little brown-eyed, brown-haired boy, ripped apart from his family during a desperate attempt to leave their home, his mother and his brother meeting the same appalling fate as him. Continue reading

Back To School: The Absolute Best Definitive Lunchbox Guide

It’s that time again isn’t it? I can choose to spend either 15 minutes in the kitchen at night at it after all the jobs are done and the couch is calling me, or it can take me 30 minutes in the morning, while also dealing with Dom Jong-il & Ted Jong-un barking their very specific breakfast orders at me. Naturally this means I do it at night maybe once a week. Yes, that’s right. School lunches. My kids are in creche and full day summer camp since I went back to work so I’ve a head start on the back to school brigade. So, contain yourselves now; here is my Absolute Best Definitive Lunchbox Guide.


Continue reading

If I said these things out loud.

kids questions, science kids, pond dipping

Sometimes I think if I said these things out loud, the things that go through my head, if I wrote them down here in indelible internet data ink there would be a knock at the door and my children would be taken to someone more deserving of their general loveliness.

I am not a natural in the stay at home mother stakes. (It’s a good thing I’m actually going back to work next week for a while – more on that another day) The summer holidays have tested me and at this point in mid August my reserves of patience are low and my fuse short. But! I don’t say the things out loud, instead I curse in my head and breathe deeply and grin and bear and try to enjoy the constant barrage of attention seeking and whining and love. Continue reading

Mrs. Mop & The Elderflower Cordial

It all started when I brought my book downstairs and put the kettle on to make coffee. Who did I think I was, planning a break for myself while my boys enjoyed a play date? Just one last quick bit of housework to do first…

how dare I?
How dare I?

The bottle of elderflower cordial was sitting unopened and full in the fridge when I went upstairs to put away laundry. Then it wasn’t. Three boys appeared upstairs, slinking past me into their bedroom. My little fella touched me; a sweet, sticky touch with an accompanying guilty look. Continue reading