Baking with Kids: Healthy Brownies and Muffins

Distract distract distract shout sums up my parenting method with my middle child right now. He gets very jealous of his big brother and his seemingly endless stream of playdates.  I try my best to make our time together fun in some way to make up for the fact he has to hang out with his mum and a baby. We visit cafes and the park and the nearby museum and surprisingly, bringing just two children places feels *almost* easy now. But when we’re at home, we enjoy baking together.

This is the same boy that saw a tiny brown mouse sitting on the path in the park recently, and squatted down for a good chat with it. I am not kidding, it made his week, once I had reassured him that mousey’s mum and dad were nearby and that he wasn’t scared on his own. You see, the bar for entertaining him can be set quite low, although, the window in which the day goes from ‘best day ever’ to ‘worstest day ever’ is also very narrow. He likes to keep me on my toes.

Let’s not kids ourselves now; when it comes to baking the mess and the bowl licking are his highlights, and eating the end product is mine. Everything in between runs the gamut from delightful bonding time to me grinding my teeth in stress at flour on the floor and maple syrup on the counter.

Of course you’re always going to find shiny videos of pristine parents and even cleaner kitchens with everyone wearing aprons if you look for videos of baking with kids on line. This is not that. We love Insta Stories and find it a fun way to share our baking escapades. Teddy particularly likes the camera and watching himself back – unsurprisingly. I like it for the rough and readiness  (see the dark chocolate on my face, some teary interruptions from Ivy and Ted wanting to lick things all the time) and for the feedback from viewers. I’ve shared the videos of us making these recipes below.

We made Black Bean Brownies with Raspberries, which I have made numerous times before and Carrot and Courgette Muffins, which were a new recipe to us. Baby Ivy is going to be starting solids in the next month so I’m keeping an eye out for things to try. These muffins will be great, I’ll just sub out the honey and use maple syrup instead.

I love when he can proudly tell everyone we’re having something he made for dessert that evening, like these brownies. Sometimes we can even make something both tasty and healthy that can go in lunchboxes, like these muffins.

Black Bean Brownies with Raspberries

Black Bean and Raspberry Brownies

The recipe we followed for these brownies is here – I throw in a few raspberries for a fruity kick. These brownies are the tastiest healthy ones I’ve ever made and I don’t try and lie about what’s in them to the recipients – they’re just straight up really good. I use 70% dark chocolate and either rapeseed or coconut oil.

Carrot and Courgette Muffins

Carrot and Courgette Zucchini Muffins

Here’s the full muffin recipe. I use half plain and half wholemeal flour. These are a bona fide healthy bake – they have 2 vegetables in them ffs! The child proudly told his father they’re lovely even though he doesn’t like “cucumber” [sic].


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