Netflix For Life: 11 Recommendations For Your Family

Is Netflix your bae? Ask any recently post-partum parent and you’ll get a knowing nod. Even more so if they have other older kids to take care of too. There’s a groove worn in one side of my sofa from the hours spent feeding my baby, and the text is wearing off a certain red button on my tv remote. I settle down with coffee, the baby and a muslin cloth and press it. The younger boy comes in from a morning in montessori and presses it. The older boy finishes his homework and presses it. The other half loads up the app while he makes the school lunches and I do the same folding laundry if someone small is asleep.

And when the last childs’ question has been answered for the night*, and the cat has settled on the back of the sofa without the fear of being hit by a Nerf bullet, we go in again.

(I mean, this isn’t each of us, everyday. We do do other things than watch tv like.)

So, safe to say we’re experts. Without further ado here are the Netflix shows lighting up our lives right now and in the near future.

Master of None.

I wrote about this last year and it’s back for Season 2 right now. We have watched the first 3 episodes and it is sublime. I cannot say enough good things about Aziz Ansari and his supporting cast, especially his real life mum and dad, who play his mum and dad in the show. And it makes me really really want to up sticks and live in Modena.

 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Yes. Season 3 is coming back at the end of this week and Ellie Kemper’s Kimmy is off to college. Eeep!  This is another one I have loved for the last couple of years and am now singing the theme tune as I type. Here’s the trailer!

Anne With An ‘E’

This is one that makes me wish that my now four month old still fed and dozed for hours at a time leaving me stranded on the sofa with the tv for company. (I don’t think wild horses could drag my husband to the living room for this one) Along with Little House on the Prairie, Anne Of Green Gables was a childhood stalwart courtesy of my two older sisters’ book collection. They remain older than me to this day, and we still swap book recommendations.

Between us we’re also watching a bunch of non-Netflix Originals which we can highly recommend:

Freaks And Geeks

A late 90’s classic that I never watched much of because I had moved out of home and mostly I saw art house films, Home & Away and the inside of pubs in those days. And there was no pausing or series linking the telly, just unreliable flatmates and a VHS recorder. Play spot the future star while you view.

Mad Men

If you haven’t seen this start to finish I am so jealous of you. Go do it now. Marvel at Don’s suaveness. Boo at Pete Campbell. Cheer for Peggy Olson. I dunno what to do for Betty; I never quite knew how to feel about her.

Honourable mentions:

Love, Call The Midwife, Gilmore Girls, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I had a look at the trailer for Dear White People so that’s on the to-watch list too!

Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

This is actually the show that the older boy (7) stays up with to watch with his Dad – both of them love it. I have seen a few minutes here and there (someone has to get the other kids to bed) and Neil Patrick Harris is just brilliant. There’s 8 long episodes that cover the first 4 books in the 13 book series, so we can expect at least another couple of seasons of this to come. I bagsie watching it with the younger fella.

Buddy Thunderstruck

This is a really funny, smart show and I love the animation style. It’s like Talledega Nights, but for kids. (Don’t show your kids Talledega Nights.)


I barely even feel bad if the little fella has had too much screentime if he’s watching this. It’s super cute and educational with really fun songs.

Julie’s Greenroom.

Full disclosure: They haven’t seen this, but I want to watch it so I will make them join me because the cast is insanely good, and hello? Julie Andrews!

And their non-Netflix-but-on-Netflix loves also include:

The Haunted Hathaways.

I grew up on the likes of Moesha, Saved by the Bell, Keenan and Kell and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. This is a Nickelodeon offering for their generation. The 7 year old is far too fond of Goosebumps (also on Netflix) for my liking – it’s old and cheesey and a bit too spooky  – but The Haunted Hathaways is perfect non-scary kid comedy fun that both boys (7 and 4) can enjoy.

Paw Patrol.

Duh. Is there a parent of a child under 5 not familiar with Adventure Bay and the talking dogs and the silly mayor and her chicken and the other animals introduced in later series almost definitely for increased merchandising opportunities? There’s lots of it on here and it’ll either warm your cockles or drive you mad. I don’t mind it that much actually; them damn pups are just so helpful.

Honourable mentions:

Beat Bugs is still going strong here, Wild Kratts is good wholesome nature based fun and surprise surprise, they’re both still watching Peppa Pig. Her Hamminess is destined to hang about on our screens for a long time yet I suspect. Personally I prefer Ben & Holly.

*Tonight’s final question:

“What do nits do?”

Me: “Dunno, hang around on heads?”

“Look it up”

Me: “No. Go to sleep.”

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