The Big Sleep

So many people ask: is she good for you? Well, no, she’s a baby for me. This is what she does: feed, poop, sleep and lately, chat and smile a little.

They don’t come out preprogrammed to make a parents life a joy or a misery; either all smiles and sunshine or rubbing their hands together with clear evil intent. The latter would be impossible: have you seen a newborns relationship to its hands? They’re surprised by the very existence of their own hands about 94 times a day, they’d never get it together to offer an intention with them. 

Baby asleep
Magic sleeping baby.

May I say though for the record, right now, at 2 months old; she’s only brilliant ‘for me’. This is my third time on the baby merry go round I know full well it could all and will all change a full 180 degrees and then come full circle again. And again. And again. But are you ready for this? 

She has given me three hour stretches between night feeds consistently since she was born. Her brothers were more like ninety minutes to two hours for eh, about six months. And last week? *whispers* She slept from 1130pm to 630am two nights in a row. Of course I was awake staring at her with at least one rock hard boob long before that.

Baby asleep
Good thing she’s cute to watch sleep.

If I meet you in the supermarket with your own baby and she’s still doing that I promise I will lie. I will not brag about my child’s sleep. Except here; this one time. And if she wakes on the hour by then I will allow you say I told you so because in truth I know I have jinxed us now in the worst possible way. 

I will see you in the comments section at 3am.

7 thoughts on “The Big Sleep

  1. Jill, I really enjoyed reading this. I’m thrilled for you that your little dudette slept 7hrs , 2 nights in a row. I hope little Ivy is still well, now that you’ve posted this. As for the rock hard boobs, I don’t miss that. I remember getting up to pump many a night. Pump and Store, that turned into one of my middle of the night duties.
    Thanks for the memories….

  2. More than my 18 month does! All the same I love the fact that when she wakes I’ve an excuse to take her into my bed for a snuggle!

    1. I swear she was asleep in the same room as me in her buggy during the day one day recently and I lifted her up for a cuddle because I missed her. The same room like. Parenting does something funny to us.

  3. There is something wonderful about your first baby, but nothing is as good as being relaxed and able to enjoy your baby in a way that only comes with experience and being busy with older little ones.
    I wish you continued enjoyment. It sounds like you are enchanted by her. This post brought me back. Thank you for that.

  4. We had a short honeymoon period of sleeping through the night at the very start but I knew it wouldn’t last. Still, a good night is him waking a couple of times. A good night for his brother was only every other hour. Fingers crossed that there’s more sleep-filled nights ahead for both our babies!

    1. Waking a couple of times is fine though isn’t it? When you’ve been through the wringer with an earlier baby you really get perspective!

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