Looks Like We Might Have Made It – Week 39

Week 39

Creaaakkkkkk. Shuffle. That’s me moving around you can hear.  Except for that day when I had a sudden burst of energy. There was sunshine and coffee, and some peacekeeping to be done between the big-brothers-in-waiting. Late pregnancy or not; they were in danger of killing each other left to their own devices so it seemed easier to make them gang up on me instead.

After that I came home and cleaned the bathroom and hoovered. Even the stairs. I was bolloxed that night to put it mildly, and hoping I wouldn’t suddenly have a baby. No fear of that.

The next day I decided it was a good time to properly paint the two paint-spattered plain birch stepstools in the house. I am such a nesting cliché. I am also screwed if magnolia suddenly becomes a thing again.Ikea Bekvam

The following day I scrubbed down the inside of the oven. The next day I did the oven shelves. Little by little I’ll domestic goddess this baby outta me.

So that’s it. I made it through this pregnancy thing again. Though no child of mine has arrived before 41 weeks and I know how much a ‘due date’ is really a ‘guess date’ I still have that “come out number three, your time is up” feeling. I love my bump, despite my almost constant discomfort. It’s fascinating and testament to the absolute amazingness of the human body. I am ready now for this next part, I know my body and my baby have got this. I trust us.

40 weeks pregnancy
Living in stretchy black jersey right now.

A very happy christmas or whatever you’re having yourself, see you on the other side!


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2 thoughts on “Looks Like We Might Have Made It – Week 39

  1. Watching in anticipation. I’m just 4 weeks behind you. Tons of braxton hicks but I’ve heard that makes no odds at all. You look great! Good luck, I’m guessing we’ll both have 2017 babogs anyway!

    1. Oh please don’t say it I want to get this one out this year if it’s my last act of 2016!! I have loads of signs but nothing productive clearly!

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