Take my money: A Gift Guide for me and mine.

There is a leaking pipe in our house. I feel all of the doom about this, because the house is old and a lot of the cabling and piping is very adhoc and installed who-knows-when. So although it should be a ‘replace a couple of feet of pipe job’ I feel like there will sucking of air through teeth and a massive quote to follow.

We are also about to buy a tumble dryer so I’m in the throes of appliance research (which I’m very good at) and for about the next month you can ask me anything  about the relative pros and cons of vented vs heat pump dryers and I’ll be able to tell you. Once the purchase is made, it’ll all leave my head immediately. Rather like the Leaving Certificate…

Here are the gift items I fantasise about buying for me and kids in lieu of pipes and white goods. Some are practical, some clearly entirely unnecessary.

The Moon On A Stick.

We had a supermoon this week, well how about this super moon to for the baby to sleep in? Ridic. But gorgeous.

image from cremeanglaise.bigcartel.com
image from cremeanglaise.bigcartel.com

Poo-Proof Baby Outfit*

Infant “gowns” no less, in both plum and black please. Surely no child would shit up their back wearing something this elegant?

*not guaranteed, but I’d be hopeful

image from cissywears.com
image from cissywears.com

Hipster Kid Starter Kit.

Anything from The Animals Observatory but this sweatshirt in both me and all the child sizes would be cool. In fact the whole collection so my kids can look like they run an independent publication in Brooklyn rather than knock about an ex-council house in Dublin.

Animals Observatory
image from cissywears.com

Home Decor that references both Bowie and Grease.

This neon lightening bolt. Because look at it.

neon lightening bolt
image from moss.ie

Fantastic Fox.

Fill Their Stockings is a site full of little wonders, including Pippablue craft kits.  I am in love with this fox. Bonus is Pippablue is Galway based, and this foxy fella is made with tweed from Tipperary.

Pippablue Mr Pocket
image from filltheirstockings.com

Names Dublin jewellery.

Basically anything from Names Design. If it’s chunky and geometric I’m on board. The Angela and Nancy earrings are beautiful.

Image from namesdublin.com
Image from namesdublin.com

Black Puffa.

A new jacket for hanging out at the side of the playground. This is hardly too much to ask. Will probably self gift in the sales TBH.

Zara puffa
image from zara.com

Concrete homewares

These are from Ail & El. I have a tall yellow planter which I love. A squat grey one beside it would be just beautiful. If possibly a bit of a strain on our mantlepiece…

Ail+ El
Image courtesy of ailandel.com

An Activity Tracker

A Fitbit Charge 2 specifically. Because it can count steps, but it can’t count scones. Related; could someone invent a tracker that tracks the calories used by breastfeeding? I may have this Fitbit front and centre on my gift list for our family kris kindle.

image from fitbit.com
image from fitbit.com

This is *not* a sponsored post. Jeez; I wish it were!

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