Lighthouse and White House: Week 33 and 34

Week 33

I bought new maternity jeans. It’s not that I didn’t have any, I just didn’t have any left that fit. The Fancy Pants are only suitable for so many days of the week. So bless ASOS, I now have a new pair that I estimate I can wear 3/4 times a week for the next 8 weeks or so. That’s not bad value.

Dublin Bay
Choppy waters (of the mind)

It was my birthday this week too. What I would enjoy most in the world for this occasion would be the ability to consume a beautiful meal with no heartburn, and a decent nights sleep. So I didn’t manage those, but we did go for a fabulous walk out into Dublin Bay to the Poolbeg Lighthouse and then celebrated with posh doughnuts. (I’ll be a long time waiting for a birthday cake to be baked for me) What more could a girl want?

Rolling Donut birthday
Yes they are as good as they look.

Week 34

street art
Some chance.

On the day I turned 34 weeks, he who shall not be named was elected president of the US. A dark, dark day. My children will grown up in a world where a man (unsurprisingly, a straight, white man) can think a bit of celebrity endows you with the power to grab whatever part of a woman’s anatomy you like without consequence. And you know what, he’s right – because he has admitted to sexual assault and shown himself to be a misogynistic dickhead (among other things) and now he’s a leader of the free world.

This is not right; that this attitude has been internalised and accepted to a degree where it doesn’t matter to the voters. My eyes welled up with tears while folding laundry and listening to the morning’s breaking news, from sheer frustration. Frustration that rape culture is denied, that we struggle to bring in consent classes in our universities, that some people think women are actually treated equally in this world already and that there’s no need for feminism. About the only thing that calms me when I think about Trump is watching Samantha Bee verbally eviscerating him:

I attempted some retail therapy in the form of baby related shopping – I managed some giant maternity pads (x 100), breast pads (cannot wait for that leakage) and heat pads (current sciatica). All of the pads were bought then I gave up and went and bought some classy xmas decorations in Sostrene Grene. I’ll be the one home all December staring at them, so my grinchy tinsel ban remains firmly in place.

Dominic drew this, which cheered me up immensely, and I think sums up how surreal the whole scenario is.
Donald Trump

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