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Week 29

I have reached a strange twilight time in this pregnancy. So near and yet so far. So many maternity clothes not fitting but still 10 weeks of wearing them to go.

Did I tell you about the time my husband brought a pair of my normal skinny jeans into the hospital for me to go home in after I had our first child? True story. Genuine mistake though; I mean we were still at that point where we weren’t quite sure whats the difference between a babygro and a vest and thinking “holy crap someone expects us to bring this child home?” I can’t remember what happened, pretty sure I got my legs into them and left the top open.

That wouldn’t happen to Kate Middleton I’m telling you.

So I’ve finally discovered leggings as trousers, for the weekends at least. I’m not saying I condone it. They must be black, they must be opaque and the bum must be covered with a long top. And I’m still not that comfortable in my rigout. I have flashbacks to the too many thongs I have seen that I did not want to see. I have seen gussets and wanted to ask the woman do you not know, do you really not see that these are tights that are solely gracing your bottom half? But also I am not the patriarchy and they have eyes and mirrors so if they want to shake their bum bums I suppose go for it.

I have one cute black dungaree dress that I realised only has a couple more wears in it. The jeans I have are too tight or the overbump bit is falling down so in the meantime my fancy pants are the absolute rock in the stormy seas of my belly size. When all this is over, I may frame those jeggings and write a poem for them. I’ve been getting compliments on my preggo style but I might be about to move to the dark side and buy those ugly ass skechers that so many healthcare workers, middle aged women out walking and pregnant women love so much. (Tell me no, don’t do it!)


Oh yeah, we went for a gender scan because I really needed to know so that’s that revealed. But to be all modern about it what does that really reveal but but a set of societal constraints conferred by an XX or an XY? So yeah, it hasn’t made a massive difference to our prep work at this point but it’s nice to know. Speaking of prep work…

Week 30

At this stage in the game I thought if an impending baby wasn’t going to stir me into purchasing action then at least budget concerns might spur me on. We will have a new baby, christmas and a 7th birthday all within a couple of weeks, never mind that we’ll be down to one income plus state maternity benefit. Head in the sand much?

This week the man in red finally made, if not exactly inroads, then a little start on the list; picking up a big something for the four year old and a couple of little somethings for the one that may or may not be here when December 25th rolls around.

I’ve started some gentle gathering, plenty of which is costing me nada but goodwill (and wine) and a promise to pass it all on afterwards; with thanks to real life friends and relatives and the lovely parenting blogger community. Slings, buggy, cots and carseats are coming out of the woodwork and I have a bag of 0-6 month clothes on the way too. Seems like lots of people are happy to clear out their attics and wardrobes of baby gear.

Just like I did this time last year then. Ahem.

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