Weeks 27 & 28: Repeal & Encapsulate

Week 27

March for choice, repeal the 8th This week me and my bump went out to #MarchForChoice. I don’t really talk politics on the blog, but it’ll come as no surprise if you follow me on any social media that I am absolutely for bodily autonomy and believe that women should be trusted with final decisions regarding their own bodies. As a pregnant woman by choice the 8th Amendment affects me in terms of consent; Repeal The 8th movement is more than a single issue cause. If you’re interested in reading about it outside of the context of <whisper> abortion, I’m just going to leave this link here, and actually this one, and yeah, this one too.

Courtesy of @ciarampsi on Twitter
Courtesy of @ciarampsi on Twitter

In lighter news, despite us not knowing the gender of the bump both sons are now referring repeatedly to their pending “sister”. Ted has changed his mind on the name, and now “she” is to be called Baby Teddy T. Which has a certain je ne sais quoi. Dominic is absolutely insistent that Hermione is the the only show in town. To put it diplomatically, I just think it’s not quite ‘us’. Mind you if my little muggle turns out to be a witch I’ll eat my hat.

Week 28

Speaking of odd things to eat – I’m researching placenta encapsulation. Am on the fence but leaning towards doing it this time. Listen, I hope to give birth in water, so I may as well go fully crunchy on this last hurrah of a pregnancy. The only sticking points for me I can see are, will someone collect my placenta on christmas day, and can they use vegetarian capsules? (I’ll get extra hippie points for that you see)

In other news:

I’ve joined a #tcl31daysofhappy photo challenge started by top funnywoman and blogger The Clothesline on instagram for October, in a bid to focus on the positive. However because that all seems a bit chirpy for my nature, I’m considering a “30 days of moaning” alternative in November. You can follow me, @jillo_properfud here, over there.

10 thoughts on “Weeks 27 & 28: Repeal & Encapsulate

  1. Good for you out marching – a pregnant woman is a very powerful figure in all senses. Totally agree with #RepealThe8th especially in my job as a midwife. Women should have full control over their own bodies at all time. Didn’t do placenta encapsulation myself but have read so many positive things about it that I would definitely consider it if there’s a next time. Best of luck with Baby Teddy T. See your over on the #tcl31daysofhappy challenge!
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  2. I’m interested to see if you find a difference with placenta encapsulation. I didn’t get around to it in the end, but my recovery has been so much easier/quicker this time round anyway. I’m not sure there’s any magic bullet for the sleep deprivation!
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