Second Trimester Swings and Roundabouts

Week 24

I am being kicked simultaneously in the bladder and the ribs. My sacroiliac joint has decided it will generate a dull ache for the whole day and seize up entirely around 8pm. Stairs and walking generally are not my friend so off I pedal every day diligently and slowly. We have reach a pinnacle of post holiday/pre back to school anxiety and everything feels so fucking hard. I can’t see how I can keep going at this level of working and parenting for another 16 weeks give or take. There’s a massive disconnect between my body and my mind – I want nothing more than to get loads of fresh air, or walk for miles for my physical and mental health but my body says no way. With that in mind…

Bobbie junior
Keep on truckin’

Week 25

…I start pre-natal aqua aerobics and not a moment too soon. I’ve done this class on each of my other pregnancies. People often think of aqua aerobics as something for old people or very unfit people and it’s true that being in the water means very little strain on our joints. Which is why it’s so bloody brilliant! If I can’t live in an inflatable ring on my front, on the sea, then a weekly trip to the pool will do.

The class is run by a physiotherapist who’s a mother of four herself so she knows what she’s talking about. It consists of a good warm up followed by loads of arm work to prep for newborn life. Sitting hunched over feeding a child who only gets heavier and heavier can put quite a strain on your arms, chest and back. Then we do a bunch of cardio, and you feel all light and airy hopping about the pool in a manner you just could not do on dry land. We do a bit of pelvic floor stuff, have a chat to the women around us, and do a great breathing and kicking exercise which prepares you for dealing with contractions. Basically – you can do anything for a minute.  This really stood to me in my last labour; I remember really clearly thinking just as I do in the pool: “you can do this, it’s just 12 breaths and then you get a break” in some more difficult moments.

Mental health levels:  balanced (probably temporarily)

Laundry levels: high (always)


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    1. Good to hear it’s still working as a mantra this recently then! I’m definitely not as mindful this pregnancy, I can’t find the bloody time, but I hope the 2 previous births have laid the groundwork well enough for me at this stage

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