Netflix And My Summer Of Sci-Fi.

Let’s get this straight first; I’m not that into sci-fi. I love imagined dystopian futures – Brave New World, 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale are among my favourite books – but The X-Files never grabbed me, and I don’t think I’ve watched one full episode of any of the many lauded space-based shows. Look, I am so not into them I can’t even be bothered giving you an example…ummm Galatic Trek! Deep Star Space Gate!

So after the end of the latest season of Game of Thrones when I was casting around for opinions on what to watch now, fellow Stream Teamer Mind the Baby recommended Orphan Black to me and I wasn’t sure. But I had heard it was supposed to be really good so I decided to give it a go.

Picture shows: Sarah (TATIANA MASLANY)
Sarah (TATIANA MISLAY). Copyright BBC Worldwide 2015

One episode in, I messaged her: “is this pure nuts?”. “It’s deadly! It’ll suck you right in!” she replied, and she’s been proved right. It’s drama first and foremost, but set in a dystopian present. It could be just good; an interesting concept, but it’s completely elevated by the presence of Tatiana Masaly who plays the main character as well as several of the supporting ones. Maria Doyle Kennedy pops up too in all her Irishness; refreshingly she is just herself, not a caricature of some hard drinking or backward Leprechaun type. I finished Season 1 last week. My husband asked if I wanted to wait and watch Season 2 with him, but I’d just have to wait for him to catchup first. Nope, sorry, that’s a deal breaker.  Netflix has all the current seasons (1-4) available now.

We’re also enjoying some Netflix Originals right now. I agreed to watch Stranger Things with him; as much in an effort to eke out my Orphan Black binge-watching a little as to jump on the latest must-watch. I was really looking forward to seeing what Winona Ryder is up to now – love how so many big stars are seeing a resurgence on the small screen.

Stranger Things Winona Ryder
Courtesy of Netflix

I watched most of the first episode behind my fingers through a cushion. I’m going to have to persevere through my absolute wussiness though – I am a child of the 80’s and the look and feel of this show is completely on point.  Everyone I know who’s watched this has totally raced through the 8 episodes, so that bodes well. Lets just see if I can marry my freaked-outness with the nostalgic buzz and power on through!

Netflix Word Party
Courtesy of Netflix

Ted has been loving brand new Jim Henson Company show Word Party. He recently turned 4, and sometimes I forget for all his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle watching that he’s just a pre-schooler. I’m guessing that happens with non-PFB (precious first-born) kids a lot – they just get to watch whatever their big sibling is watching. I won’t lie, it’s not grabbing me – storyline is a bit repetitive y’know – but he seems to like it. And I keep finding myself singing the theme song. Bit embarrassing frankly…


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