It’s Not About The Destination, It’s About The (Eggstraordinary) Journey

That sounds like I’m about to launch into a spiritual post doesn’t it? As if I’ve come over mindful all of a sudden. Fear not. It’s about an egg. An egg we’re trying to drop and not break.

Sit comfortably, and enjoy our eggsellent adventure.

They’re having an Egg Drop at school next week. Specifically an egg drop from a shed roof and ideally, the egg wouldn’t break. We need to bond with our child while coming up with a method for that to happen. What it may do in actuality is set parents up for divorce and teach small kids about the power of the pun.

Apparently we’re not allowed use parachutes. The six year old told me that as soon as I said a parachute! I don’t know that I believe him, I’m sure the email from school would have said if that was eggspressly forbidden. I could easily google a method, but I’m not going to do that. I did ask a large helpful Facebook group full of seasoned parents if they had any tips. One of them may be a scientist, and I may have tagged her*. But not for solutions, just y’know…pointers. I got plenty of responses – one person had successfully done it very simply, another had a very complicated idea involving things I don’t have around the house.

Egg Drop
Preliminary Inveggstigations

The kids ate yogurts. I stared at the pots.

In a kitchen cupboard clearing effort I threw out some old energy tablet thingys and found a springy lid contained within. I narrowed my eyes. (Damn, I wish I had a montage to show you here).

My husband decided to leave me to my pondering and went off to cut the grass about a month too early, but he loves that aul lawnmower so I left him to it. The six year old wandered in and out trailing fresh cut grass into the kitchen asking was it time to drop the egg yet? Repeatedly.

Egg Drop
Not confident

Look, it’s not going to be perfect, and we have to show him that you need to eggsperiment; you won’t always get it right first time. But I’m damned if I’m wasting too many of the poor hen’s efforts, and I won’t buy battery eggs so without a government grant for my research we’re using these free range bad boys sparingly.

I trussed the egg up, sitting on its’ spring, wrapped in wadding (I had it leftover from making a teacosy that one time, but you could just try bubble wrap either) and contained in a yogurt pot house. No parachute. No helium balloon; it does actually need to drop not float away.

The husband put away the lawnmower and climbed onto the flat roof. OF COURSE HE DID. I mean we’d never know if it would work if he just climbed his two metre high self onto a table or something. Oh no, he had to go that eggstra mile.

Did it work? Not a hope.

Ooh! I know! Vegan egg! Right, am bringing a chia and water mixture to school on friday. That shit will BOUNCE.

To see what really happened with the egg drop, click here!

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better


*She had of course done it. And wished me luck. No cheating there.

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    1. Oh I love Modern Family! I must have seen this one at some stage but I don’t remember it. Gotta look that up; my maiden name is Dunphy. Which is fitting, because I think the kid is more of a Luke than a Manny!

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