Perfect Pancakes, under Pressure from Peppa.

We were early this year with the pancakes. Even though Easter is early and thus Pancake Tuesday is early, we were early-early. I dished them up last weekend.

Actually, first: Why is Pancake Tuesday associated with crepes? Why not American style pancakes?  We eat them loads without fanfare. Is that because they’re called drop scones in some parts on this side of the pond? Does it really matter what people did with their eggs and flour to get rid of them? Why were they even getting rid of them…*

I’m starting to sound like a six year old with a bad case of the Why’s?; an affliction I’m very familiar with. While me and Ted were hard at work slaving over breakfast, my husband walked in, looked quizzically at breakfast and asked offhand “when’s Pancake Tuesday?”

Six year old Dom’s ears pricked up. If there’s a Pancake Tuesday, perhaps there’s a Popcorn Wednesday or a Lollipop Thursday…. In the interests of supporting his multi-denominational education I tried to explain it starting with “well y’know Easter?” and working backwards. He got the concept of Lent really quickly when we said Mama and Daddy used to have to give up chocolate for Six. Whole. Weeks. He quickly said he would give up lasagne for Lent.

Incidentally, he hates lasagne.  (Similar levels of childhood piety to me then: always defiant when it came to the church I used to hide sweets in my room and eat them after a couple of days.)

Peppa Pancakes
Never mind Nigella. We make dese Mama. Now.

Anyway. The pancakes. I don’t usually look for porcine inspiration for my meals. But this was at the behest of a three year old in possession of Peppa Pig magazine, February edition.  Contained within was a pancake themed story: Mummy Pig flipped them perfectly (I identify greatly – see below), Daddy Pig got his stuck to the ceiling (Daddy ProperFud wasn’t in the vicinity of the kitchen). The story was followed by a recipe and a bear shaped pancake construction. I’ve written before how I will not bow to Pinterest levels of presentation but this little guy was too easy to replicate to refuse my own little guy his request to make them.

Also, he is impossible to say no to, due to iron will and gorgeous batty eyelashes.

I actually followed the instructions too, because no matter how often I make them I cannot keep simple quantities for things like sponge cakes or pancake batter in my head. They were perfect pancakes! I didn’t even have a shit first one, and there’s always a shit first one. I doubled the quantities, didn’t leave the batter to rest in the fridge or anything like that. Would you, at 830am, with an impatient three year old at your side? I made two bear constructions with blueberry eyes, banana paws and ears and a splodge of nutella for a nose. Then I managed another 7 for me and him indoors to share. I reckon this recipe would make 10 medium crepes.

They’re just like the picture!

Next time I’m going to make them with buckwheat flour and call them Madame Gazelle’s Galettes but for now:

Peppa’s Pancakes

  • Get one three year old. (Optional)
  • Sift 250g flour.
  • Make a well in the centre.
  • Break in 2 eggs & mix.
    • Remove the shell from the bowl before mixing because obviously you let the optional three year old crack the eggs.
  • Add 600ml milk bit by bit, whisking as you go to get a nice smooth batter. Try to stop three year old from lifting whisk dramatically from the bowl every five seconds.
  • Melt a little oil (I used coconut) on the pan. I was able to make a bear all in one go on a large non stick pan: I say circles here, but blob is more accurate.
    • 2 large circles (3 tablespoons each) for the head and body
    • 6 small circles (1-2 teaspoons) for the ears and paws.
    • 1 medium circle (1 tablespoon) for the nose
  • Flip once the edges start to curl slightly – a couple of minutes, and cook for the same length of time on the other side.
  • Et voila! Les crepes delicieux de Peppa Cochon.

*Don’t worry, I did look it up.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Pancakes, under Pressure from Peppa.

  1. We just did a project on Pancake Tuesday because first graders had to write about a cultural tradition their family partakes in, and it was that or Christmas. (I say “we” advisedly.) So we’re all well up on that now, and so, I hope, is the rest of first grade.

    But you’ve reminded me of amazing brownish crepes I had in France and I’m wondering if they were buckwheat, so off to look that up…
    Maud recently posted…Snow jokeMy Profile

    1. I love that Pancake Tuesday is up there with Christmas!

      I’d say they were galettes, they’re really nice and especially good for savoury crepes. They’re often an option here (I do sometimes frequent creperies and also pancake food trucks!)

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