A Trifling Matter

I am attempting a trifle later this week. I have never made one before. I do like a challenge but I’m feeling the pressure when there’s twelve adult tasters involved. Somehow in the Great Christmas Dinner plan (in my brother and sister-in-laws house) I was delegated the trifle. Not by the hosts who are of course wonderful to have us all. There was a person, who shall remain nameless, who volunteered to make one then subcontracted it out to me due to circumstances beyond their, or clearly my, control. I could have been making an Ottolenghi-like starter or wowed them similarly with some meat free delight that would cause all to gasp and renounce the turkey* but no, I’m making a trifle. Ah sure grand so, that’s that decided then. Or is it?

See that? Now that does nothing for me.

When I had it growing up, often courtesy of a very well meaning great aunt it was full of jelly, readymade custard, tinned fruit, soggy sponge and cooking sherry. So far, so 1980s. Younger me preferred to head straight for the selection box instead. My mother-in-law makes a fabulous one that her whole family leap on each year, but I’ve been put off the whole thing as a concept.

I had an idea though. I would go off piste with the recipe. Apparently this is controversial as there are hardcore Classic Edition trifle fans attending. But they are not making it; I am, so to that end I am making this Chocolate Trifle with Baileys and I have high hopes. (Also, I don’t even eat jelly except the Veggie Percys in M&S.)

What can go wrong? Look sure, I have a checklist done.

  • Massive bowl. Borrowed: Tick.
  • Making a chocolate loaf on thursday morning: Tick.
  • Custard anxiety: I do not trust myself to make something with seven egg yolks that has the capacity to curdle. So I am going with ready made but Birds custard and other yellow sludgy monstrosities have been eschewed. Only the expensive posh creamy Madagascan vanilla stuff will do. Tesco and M&S stock same: Tick.
  • Whole shebang getting assembled thursday evening: Tick.
  • Massive bowl has a lid for car/lap transportation. Cream will be added at the final destination: Tick.

If the worst comes to worst? Who on earth is actually hungry for dessert on Christmas Day? Anyway there’s always most of a bottle of leftover Baileys to drink.

* It is twenty years, TWENTY this month since I did in fact renounce the turkey. I think it’s an anniversary worth mentioning.

6 thoughts on “A Trifling Matter

  1. Toasted flaked almonds and dark chocolate shavings for the top???

    My mum’s trifle recipe used to be my party piece – for a brief period in my 20s it was christened sherry slush though… Not so much now 🙂

    I hope you’ll let us know how it turns out as it could be a great excuse to buy Baileys next year 🙂
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