A Week of Elf Ideas

So we’re in full December swing now. I am torn over whether starting this whole elf lark a couple of years ago was a good idea at all. Every single morning by around six am Dominic has come up with an excuse to go downstairs to check out his antics. Do you think he goes asleep after that? No, obviously. I guess I’m just grateful for Pinterest and Instagram for late night inspiration. Though, one could make the argument the whole damn elf thing would never have taken off it it weren’t for them either…

Here’s what he’s been up to so far, I’ve included Day 1 for completists, I know you’ve seen it already:


The big arrival. My husband’s Pinky & The Brain toys predate me. I had to wrestle Pinky from him to put in the bin earlier this year as he was missing a nose and his head kept falling off. They were never going to make us our fortune on ebay, even as a pair. Luckily The Brain didn’t mind working with a new partner in his quest to take over the world.



Mr Old Elf is a big music fan. We heard that he’s *actually* responsible for all the ukeleles that get made for kids around this time of year up in the North Pole, so it wasn’t that surprising to find him restringing a guitar.



My bad. We probably should have introduced him to the mini figures a bit sooner. There’s quite a lot of them now, and they’re getting very territorial.



The weather is unseasonably mild (but horribly wet) for this time of year, and even though we’ve the stove lit it just ain’t wintery enough for Mr Old Elf. So he found some cotton buds and set out sorting his own snow out.



People seem to decorate earlier and earlier every year. Once again, he’s taking matters into his own hands. Don’t worry we took the hint, and put the tree up the next day.



The boys were gone to their grandparents for a night. When I wandered in to put away laundry the next morning I found elf having a good look around for them.

Day 7

Elf on the shelf

Yeah he seems to be settled in alright…stay tuned to see what he’s at for the next few weeks!


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