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I’ve finished all the Suits episodes on Netflix. Woe is me. While I wait impatiently for the next season to appear I’ve started watching stand up specials while I make the kids lunches. I’m currently making my way through some based on a ‘Parks & Recreation Association‘ theme that I decided on once I watched Nick Offerman’s American Ham followed by Aziz Ansari’s Buried Alive. While I love Ron Swanson the character, and enjoyed Nick too, he is not down with vegetarians at all, so I don’t think we’d get on so well. Aziz on the other hand, coined the phrase “Treat yo’self” as the character Tom in Parks & Rec, and that I can get on board with. As well as having four stand up specials streaming, he is also starring in his own Netflix Original series Master of None. It. Is. Sublime.

It’s from the school of comedy like Louis CK’s Louie, and Marc Maron’s Maron (both on US Netflix, sort those out for us on this side of the pond please UK/Irl?) where comedians play fictionalised versions of themselves, but not at all as dark. In fact, Aziz’s real parents play his character Dev’s parents and they are utterly charming. There’s a mere ten episodes – sob! We’ve been eking them out here in Properfud Towers rather than binge watching. Sometimes it seems like we’re just going to get a good dose of whimsy but there’s often more serious stuff explored without ever bashing you over the head wih it. Like, in Ladies and Gentlemen we get some glorious feminism and in Old People we get insights into how freaking interesting previously considered boring grandparents can be. He throws shade on Hollywood and ethnic casting in Indians On TV.

And the icing on the cake? The music is seriously on point. The show is named for a Beach House song and the soundtrack features Africa by Toto, (which is the closest thing me and my husband have to an ‘our song’) and other non-ironic sweet tunes which are available as a Spotify playlist here.

Watch it.




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