Our favourite babysitter

We have a babysitter. We know her well, she’s been available to us when we’ve needed her over the last couple of years and I’ve written about her before. Around the time I went back to work, we started to need her more and more. Someone had to look after the sometimes cranky tired kids before I get home and while him indoors gets dinner on. Or after he’s gotten them fed and bathed and he’s trying to give the kitchen a tidy and maybe sort out some laundry. I see them basking in her warm glow some evenings through the living room window as I lock up my bicycle.

Yes; we truly love her, and I don’t know where we’d be without her some days.  I mean, I wouldn’t usually even share a good minders name but in this case, there’s plenty of her to go round.
Her name? Netflix.

The two boys are big fans of Dinotrux; it’s a high energy mix of heavy machinery and dinosaurs; as if my three year old was called into a focus group and asked what his favourite things are and they said yep, sounds good, we’ll go with that. If you’d pitched me that concept though, I’d have thought it would have been kinda ugly, but Dreamworks have this one spot on – the characterisation is really sweet, and it’s all about the teamwork.

Dinotrux Netflix

Speaking of teamwork, I challenge you to find me a team more ready for revival from my child hood than the Care Bears? They’re coming up soon  – available November 6th. I’d usually identify with Grumpy, but I’m hoping I’ll be more Funshine that day – it’s my birthday!

There’s also a new series of King Julien available. This show is nuts frankly, but I love it and have been dancing along with the theme tune since it first hit our screens last December.

Last weekend Dominic picked out a new show to watch, a 2003 three-part series Walking With Dinosaurs: Sea Monsters. The CGI hasn’t exactly stood the test of time to my adult eyes, but he was completely enraptured with the narrative; the presenter Nigel Marven goes back in time to seven different eras to explore the worlds oceans and interact with the most dangerous sea creatures out there. As a scary-stuff loving five year old, this was just the right mix of education and pure terror!

Walking With Dinosaurs, Netflix

In grown up news, Netflix Original Narcos (see the trailer here) has made the grown ups in our house argue over suitable bedtimes on a work night. You know you’re addicted when you say feck the full night’s sleep and stick on another episode at 1130pm. I was expecting more of a history lesson than LOLZ from Narcos, but I did giggle when I saw that DEA agents in Colombia had the same taste in homewares as me.

Narcos Netflix Orla Kiely
Yes, it’s Orla Kiely, I even did a comparison shot

My current binge watch obsession is Suits. It’s a total guilty pleasure – a light legal drama – who doesn’t love those? I stick it on the iPad in the kitchen while I make up the kids’ lunchboxes at night. It’s a win-win situation because instead of agonising over whether to hit the sofa or get the lunches done this is like a little reward for just getting through those unavoidable chores.

And in non-official sneak peek news, there was something all over my social media timelines this week, something that may just have elicited a small shriek of joy from me. Rumours abound that Netflix are going to revive one of my all time dramedy favourites: Gilmore Girls. I’ll just leave you to let that one sink in now.



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