What We’re Eating Now: Autumn Snacktime

It can’t all be jellies and biscuits can it? No. No is the answer. Here’s some seasonal Autumn snacks we’re enjoying.


fall snacks, autumn snacks
Drank most of it before I took the pic

Nuts about them. Okay, enough tired puns. My coconut and associated products love is well documented and this is my by-now annual post that mentions them. I was feeling a bit run down after a wedding last weekend and necked some delicious carrot and apple juice made with coconut water straight from the source. Dominic requested coconut in his lunchbox, which I was delighted about. It can be hard enough fill his lunchbox healthily. Then I remembered…the nut ban! Feck. But is coconut one of those things that isn’t technically a nut? Google wasn’t helping so I emailed the school secretary to check if I was allowed send in coconut and lo and behold, it was fine! (You should probably check with your school before doing the same though)

Me and my family eat a lot of nuts so I did take some time to chat to Dom about how serious it can be if some one does has an anaphylactic reaction to them. I’m sure he probably spent next break time miming stabbing his classmates with an epipen. Anyway, we polished it off in a couple of days of lunchboxes between us.

Apples.fall snacks, autumn snacks

My sister has a tree in her garden. The fruit is quite tart, but baked in the oven at night, then the flesh scooped into porridge the next morning…delicious!  Another tasty apple snack we’re loving right now is slices of apple spread with peanut butter and topped with some cacao nibs. I’m not even sure Dominic realises that one is healthy. It’s not suitable for school, but it sure is good for filling a gap between weekend activities and I’ve been bringing that combo to work too.

Pomegranate.fall snacks, autumn snacks

Ah these pretend appley looking creatures, full of delicious jewels. I don’t even know if they’re particularly autumnal, I don’t think they even grow here. But they do seem to be more available right now. I like to use them in fancy Ottolenghi recipes but the kids lap it up too. I dish it up for dessert with some natural yogurt and honey. Since I had the cacao nibs handy I threw some in. I made the mistake of telling Ted it was chocolate. He didn’t react well initially, but came round after and cleaned his bowl.

Dis isn’t chocolate!
The happy snacker

We’re falling for these Autumnal snacks, how about you?

PS. Did you see what I did there…Fall? Autumn? (Sorry)


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