Egg-based fail


This weekend we all stayed in a castle (or at least a tower and farmhouse), where we got to be princesses and knights and cook on a range and bathe in a roll top bath.  We were part of a group of 8 adults, 3 toddler/preschoolers, 3 under 1 – all celebrating one of the grown ups significant birthdays.

We got home today with no inclination to go to the supermarket at all.  So dinner, I felt, was an inspired healthy meal cobbled together from the meagre contents of our kitchen. And, it was themed: Eggy Crowns for my little princes.

I’m lucky enough to have an egg contact – a man I work with occasionally takes donations for rescue greyhounds in exchange for a half dozen eggs from the chickens he keeps.  So we were egg rich, and I thought they deserved to feature in something other than a cake mixture.

  • Cut squares of puff pastry, then cut a little wedge out of each square (makes them easier to fold and squish into a circular space). Place them in a big silicon muffin tray and cook them at 200c for 5 minutes.
  • Wilt some spinach (I used frozen!), season with some nutmeg and pepper. I stirred in some little pieces of chopped red pepper & milk but cream would have been better.
  • Place the spinach in the base of each crown, then break an egg into each.  Top with some grated cheese and a round of red pepper.
  • Bake for 20 minutes, until the egg is set.

Well, I thought I was a genius frankly, these looked fantastic – cute and colourful. I served them with some sweet potato mashed with goats cheese.  I wish I could tell you they went down really well with the kids, but as you can see by the title of the post, they really didn’t.  I’m hoping it was just a blip because I was really proud of these.  The elder was insanely tired out from a thousand million indoor laps of the castle with his buddies (and more treats than he possibly should have had).  The younger was bleary eyed and snuffly nosed and not in the mood for much at all.   Myself and hubbie ate ours up, I cleaned up the remains of the sensibly-served-halved one from the table, floor and children’s hair.  But score! There’s one left for an adult lunch tomorrow.

I’d love someone else to try this variant on baked eggs – do let me know how your kids like it.


4 thoughts on “Egg-based fail

  1. this sounds yummy! something I’d make for myself even as a snack. Have been doing a bit of reading on baby led weaning and it seems like the way to go. Baby is due now in 6wks so am hoping to breastfeed too.

    1. That’s why BLW is so great, you cook for the family not separately. I make snacks for crèche sometimes and it’s all I can do not to dig in myself.

      And with the latter, it’s all about support support support. Know where your local Cuidiu, LLL, Friends of Breastfeeding groups are – go along while still pregnant if you can. All of them have Facebook pages. Bookmark, google Dr. Jack Newman, & read this post!

  2. thanks Jill. I actually did a couples breastfeeding course with Cuidiu two weekends ago; the best 60 quid we have spent so far this pregnancy. The other couple that were booked in went into labour early so myself and the other half had a private class. It was so helpful and I learned loads; it also dispelled so many myths. I’m finding a lot of people are quite negative towards me and my “notions” of breastfeeding, even my 66yr old granny! She keeps saying “it doesn’t work out for everyone”.

    I know it doesn’t but I feel a lot more confident after the Cuidiu course. I’ve set myself up with the knowledge etc so if things don’t work out at least I will know its not for lack of effort etc. I’m finishing up work in 4wks so going to head to the local coffee morning for breastfeeding mammies in the run up to my due date.

    1. Oh you’re really well prepped so! I went to a Cuidiu talk with Sue Jameson, and it was just so no nonsense – just sorta took away the ‘breast is best’ challenge element and made it ‘breast is normal, I can do this’. Anyway, support is key, and it sounds like you’ve sussed that which is half the battle. There’s a lot of ‘booby traps’ out there. Best of luck xxx

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