Food Glorious Food – Four Winter Dinners. And A Cake

With me and the kids home now, the grocery shopping bills are through the roof. They’re savages year round, hopefully it’s just a phase for me. There’s a lot of post school snack preparing going on, throwing fruit at them to ward off cries for treats, then giving in on the treats and of course serving up the inevitable dinners.

As an aside – a lot of stuff busy parents do gets greeted with responses of “super mum” and “I don’t know how you do it” responses. And it’s appreciated, believe me. Okay, so if you (I) post pictures on social media of your homecooked meal/children playing outdoors/you out anywhere with more than one of them, then you (I) are (am) looking for a response. And validation. And y’know; adult human contact through the day. But at the end of the day, it’s just what you do. You get on with it, and if it means baby in the sling while managing to put on some mascara, or breastfeeding while pouring bowls of cereal one-handed it’s just how it is. The new normal.

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New Year, New…?

one week old

I know we’re well past the point of wishing each other a happy new year, but bear with me, I’ve been preoccupied. So, what is New around here?

…Baby!one week old

She arrived. We could say she was 12 days ‘late’ but at this point none of my pregnancies have been shorter than 41 weeks so I should have more sense than to regard a due date as anything more accurate than a game of Pin The Tail On The Donkey. She’s amazing. With a 4.5 year age gap between her and the newly minted Middle Child I feel like a bit of a newbie again. I forgot how many times you have to change their nappies – like, in the middle of the night and everything. She’s a bit pukey, and fussy all evening. So far though, she usually gives me at least one three hour stretch at night. That’s a big deal – I never had that before. I’m sure it’ll all change week to week but I’ll take it where I can get it.

She’s big too, she was 280g (10oz) bigger than both her brothers. I tell people how long she is, bursting with pride as if my pipsqueak genes have anything to do with it. She has her fathers body type right now, and looks like the little big brother who in turn looks a little more like me. It’s hard to see past the next feed but part of me would love a quick glimpse into the future to see what she turns out like. Either way; she’s the most beautiful girl in the world and that’s a fact. Continue reading

The Great Big New Years Netflix Cheat

Trollhunters image Courtesy of Netflix

This is genius. 10 brand new countdowns from a host of Netflix Kids Originals, available from today for your New Years Eve midnight fakery. Though if you use them today you might be expecting a bit much from them to sleep through until January 1st…

We used it to great effect last year, after an afternoon party with friends the kids were already tired – no way would we make it to the midnight hour (and that was just me). We rang the New Year in with King Julien at about 8pm and then off they went to bed happy as larry.

Kids can bring in 2017 with their favourite characters from Word Party, Puffin Rock, Luna Petunia, Beat Bugs, All Hail King Julien, Skylander’s Academy, Project Mc2, Fuller House, Chasing Cameron and DreamWorks Trollhunters.

Beat Bugs
Beat Bugs, Courtesy of Netflix

I think we’ll be choosing between Beat Bugs which was a massive hit with my guys earlier this year, and the new Guillermo Del Toro creation Trollhunters, which they’ve gotten totally into since it launched last week. (I love it too, despite the fact that Pan’s Labyrinth still gives me nightmares)Netflix Beat Bugs

Nicely played once again Netflix!


Elf On The Shelf: 2016 Edition Part 2

Yep we’re still going. Even Mr Proper Fud is getting involved, he’s delighted with himself when he comes up with a good Elf idea. The boys are getting dressed really quickly and thundering down the stairs to see what he’s at each morning. So let’s catch up shall we?

Elf On The Shelf
Day 10

🎄🎵oh I wish it could be christmas every day…🎵🎄. I’m just glad he doesn’t have an amp…

Elf On The Shelf
Day 11

Starting the countdown! I’ve only been changing this every few days, so it says seven now and I get to change it to three tomorrow. That’s my magic trick for making christmas come quicker.

Elf On The Shelf
Day 12

Oops. Mr Old Elf has encountered some hostility. Think they’re jealous because we’ve never done Dinovember? (And if they think we ever will they’ve another thing coming)

Elf On The Shelf
Day 13

Elf-express…eh-eh-eh-elf-express! (Late 80’s pop reference there for the oldies) All aboard!

Elf On The Shelf
Day 14

Chillin’ in his fruit tub. Onion and garlic hopeful of a turn in there though. No of course this didn’t trigger fights over what fruit went in what lunchbox. (Yes it did, for days.)

Elf On The Shelf
Day 15

Totally blatant in his disregard for Elf and Safety. (We weren’t though, and made sure the Nutribullet was plugged out before we did this) Of course the kids rather than being horrified at the prospect thought it might be cool ‘just to see’ what would happen if we turned it on. 

Elf On The Shelf
Day 16

It’s official. He’s a brat. Who would expose children to such language?

Elf On The Shelf
Day 17

Saturday morning found Mr Old Elf starting the breakfast. I suppose seeing as he got the flour and eggs out we may as well make pancakes.

Elf On The Shelf
Day 18

Found Elf Grylls in the kitchen jungle this morning. Me poor plants!

Elf On The Shelf
Day 19

This one rogue (SEE WHAT I DID) built an igloo for his xmassy Star Wars buddies. Elf really enjoys building Lego in front of the tv at night. It might be Elf’s guilty pleasure…

Elf On The Shelf
Day 20

They’ve turned it up to 11 and are singing 🎤 Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas. I knew I shouldn’t be watching Carpool Karaoke in the middle of the night; I’m giving him ideas. It’s all very well for him; he has ear protectors, what about the rest of us!

Elf On The Shelf
Day 21

Lottie gets one past Mr Old Elf who must have hit the eggnog a bit hard last night.I do love Lottie, she kicks ass and a football.

What went before

Here’s what he got up to on Days 1-9.