Patient Zero: The Ups & Downs of Chicken Pox

Good thing: He’s not scratching.

Bad thing: Spots. Everywhere. Well, almost – it’d be quicker to tell you where they’re not. His lower legs, that’s about it.Good thing: He insisted that we drive by his school to drop off a picture he drew for his teacher. We handed it to the school secretary who informed us that about a quarter of his class were off with the dreaded pox. It was a lovely picture based on the book “The Day The Crayons Quit” which I recommend for any kid or human who has ever coloured in a picture.

Bad thing: I’ve never seen him so self conscious in his life. He’s a fairly confident little fella but in order to make the above trip to school and the Post Office (where he sat outside in the car) he insisted on wearing a bulky sweater over his long sleeved shirt, and pulling a baseball cap right down to his eyes. I’ve never seen him leave a hat of any kind on for more than two minutes before.

New Lego including awesome lady scientist.

Good thing:  This is a bad dose of a mild illness. We have healthy kids, and for that I am so grateful.

Bad thing: We are housebound and I have no coffee left. Send help!

Good thing: No sign of them on his little brother…

Bad thing: …Yet.

Good things: Lego, faith in humanity, car aceing exam. He got new Lego because I feel so sorry for him. I bought the Lego on the way to collect the fixed car. When I arrived at the garage I discovered I had left my wallet (with car insurance disc and driving licence in it) in the toy shop. So I got to use up more of the petrol in the courtesy car speeding back there to retrieve it, where luckily another customer had handed it in straightaway. Then the car passed its’ NCT retest.

Bad thing: €55 NCT fee, €270 car fixing fee, €28 for the retest. About €35 on chicken pox relief medication and €20 on new Lego. It’s been an expensive week.

A Pox on Us: How Monday Unravelled.

Ten days ago, my father in law astutely observed that our car’s NCT* was out of date. By three whole months no less, an amount of time that would definitely get you penalty points attached to your licence were it observed by the right people. Not noticing things like that is not at all like me and I spent the best part of two days on the phone looking for a cancellation appointment to get our jalopy tested – they’re booked up until mid August mostly, including the 3am on a Sunday morning appointments which are now, apparently, a thing.

We got one last Thursday evening and lo and behold it failed the test sending me in to a further tailspin. It was something minor but one that necessitated a trip to the garage. I made that trip this morning with the younger son in tow. I spoke the nice service person while trying to stop the boy body-slamming into boxfresh gleaming SUVs. Off we went to the nearby shopping centre to wait it out. Fine, says I to myself, I’ve a few things I could do with getting here. But it’s 830am, and nowhere opens before 930am  on a Monday but Starbucks. In we go, where he bounds around reasonably safely while I imbibe a coffee the size of my head. Continue reading

Competition Time! Sona Giveaway And A Big Milestone


Properfud is five years old this month. Fancy that! I even got Dominic to recreate his pose from the very first post – he was pretty tickled by the sight of his baby-self. Originally started to chart how we got on with Baby Led Weaning (answer: magnificently) it’s evolved into a bit of everything to do with family food and life with the two mad lads I spawned.

To make sure my growing boys stay on track, Sona Nutrition sent us some lovely things to try out and I’ve got a great kid-friendly hamper of goodies to give to one of you too! Continue reading

Netflix – What we’re watching in June.

When I was about six, I woke up on Christmas morning to find a Minnie The Minx costume. Not like your 100% polyester supermarket ones now, this was hand knitted. By Mrs. Claus herself no less. (Someone wasn’t getting the credit she deserves).

Off I went to mass and everywhere else, in my black knitted mini, my black and red jumper, and a black headband with the word ‘minx’ knitted into it; just in case it wasn’t completely clear who I was in the Beano and Dandy mad eighties.

DennisTheMenaceI was an avid Beano fan and so was my Dad before me. While I made dinner the other evening the boys were happily flicking around their profile on Netflix. Suddenly, a familiar call rang out from the living room. No, not “mammy he’s hitting me”, but “Oi Gnasher, come back!”. I rushed in, to find yet another reboot of Dennis The Menace gracing the small screen, and my two little boys glued to it. I sat down to watch for a few minutes, delighted that they’d found it. Walter is no softy in this 2013 edition, but the sight of Dennis with his old-school catapult was enough to make me smile. It makes a change from the formulaic sweetness of Dora The Explorer and Go! Diego Go!, two of their other current favourites. And frankly, I prefer anything over Horrid Henry, the primary parental menace of our times. (I’ve banned him in our house.) Continue reading

Barefaced Beauty And Makeup Magic: Getting My Mum Face On.

We all know that there are young wans out there making a mint on YouTube from their beauty vlogging, and that teenagers spend every scrap of money they have on products, but when it comes to mum-beauty, there isn’t generally the time or the finances to indulge yourself that much.

Of course, if it’s a genuine passion the force is still probably strong in you post-baby, but if you’re anything like me the closest thing you’ve had to an epiphany is when BB Cream reached our shores.

I rarely go totally barefaced, but tend not to trowel it on that much either. I’m also not particularly brand-loyal. The MAC habit of my early twenties sadly fell by the wayside a long time ago, but I have a very soft spot for Benefit. I still read about beauty ( I really enjoy Sali Hughes’ writing in The Guardian) and lust after ‘must-haves’ but it’s more Catrice and less Charlotte Tilbury round these parts. Nothing satisfies me more than discovering a good posh beauty dupe from a cheaper brand. So when Sinéad from Bumbles of Rice suggested a mum blogger makeup linky where us humans that don’t get enough sleep divulge our beauty* secrets, I hopped straight on board. Continue reading